mardi 2 novembre 2010

You're lucky, he's lucky, I'm lucky, WE'RE ALL LUCKY !

it's outstanding... time is fleating
madness takes his tool
but listen closly not for very much longer
i got to keeep control
i remember dooing the time warp
driking those moments when
the darkness would hit me
and the void would be calling

it's just a jump to the left
and then a sept to the right
put you hand on you hips
and put your knees in tight
and it's a pelvis thrust
that really drives you insane yeah yeah

it's so dreamy, ooooh fantasy free me
so you can't see me not not at all

So you've quite understood, i was on a rocky horror picture show mood this Halloween !
I had to laught a little bit since i've been fired from Etam Rivolis (and they had no avaible reason to do that ! ). I'm still so mad at them but less than this Saturday. I had to go to work that Saturday, and it would have been my last day. So I went there but after 2 hours working, I really couldn't handle it. They really were using me in order not to be in trouble if they can't find another personne to replace me ! So I "ran away" during my half-hour break (even if the at over 6 thousand euro late). How can I explain that ? ... hum... I had to got back to work at ten to five, I didn't. I just went on walking walking and walking, and i got lost in Paris ! Can you beileive that ?...

Ok ok. And I was also so pissed to learn that all the tickets for the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Studio Gallande (the only cinema which broadcast it in Europe) were all SOLD ! Damn it (Janet ^^") !
I was going to go there as Magenta. Must add that I wanted first to go as Frank-N-Furter, but I changed my mind because i was afraid of being... raped ?! Just try to walk in the dark streets or the underground with his outfits darling, beileive me you'll be a pervert magnet xD (damn it wanna add a "that how sue sees it after that stupid sentence ^^)
But Magenta was perfect for me ! She's just as fluffly as me (and as Brian May as well, damn just see that he's getting white hairs... euuurk).

So let's see what we've got here




I think i should go to bed right now...
sweet dreams darlings

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